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Our complete turnkey sandblasting and powder coating service starts at a low cost. We will take your part and sandblast, prep, powder coat it starting a low cost. If you need to have it boxed and shipped then we can do that too. We have over 50 powder colors in stock.

               Need a specialty color? Check out Tiger and Prismatic colors.
5lbs of Custom Color only $75


Asheville Paint & Powder Coat Servies



Asheville Paint & Powder Coating is dedicated to providing the highest quality powder coated finishes toour customers nation wide.


Powder coating is an better alternative to liquid painting due to its high strength and flexibility with better UV and chemical resistance. Powder coating will protect against road rocks and hazards and still maintain its finish.


Powder coat is an environmentally friendly process. As a comparison, wet paint is flammable, carcinogenic, and full of volatile organic compounds. Because powder coat is applied in dry form electro statically, transfer efficiencies over 90% can be achieved to minimize waste. In special cases, powder that doesn't end up on the parts can even be reclaimed and reused. As a comparison, wet paint transfer efficiencies can easily drop below 50%, and overshoot goes right into the environment.

Materials Coated


• Steel

• Aluminum

• Castings

• Plastics

• Wood

• Glass

Coating Facilities



• Automated 5-stage washer

• Chromate Conversion system in-house

• Separate batch/sample booths for small lots and prototypes

Other Services


• Individual part and bulk packaging

• Masking

• Assembly

• Electroplating

• Vibratory

• Buffing

• Polishing

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